Тренировочные упражнения по английскому языку для 10 класса. Английский язык упражнения 10 класс

Тренировочные упражнения по английскому языку для 10 класса страница 3

9. The boy differs … all his classmates completely.

10.The gangsters escaped… the ambush.

11.Don’t convince me… the necessity of that course of action.

12.We did our best to cure him… this disease.

13.I want to take some money… the bank.

14.That is something you can escape…

15.She heard… them very quickly.

16. I can’t hear you… the distance, come closer.

17. What does she think… this?

18.You’ll have to paint it to protect it… the water.

19.The man.. York arrived in the afternoon.

20.He couldn’t get… the chair and he called us.

21. The idea… the book is rather primitive, how can you read it?

22.Our guests…China arrived by train yesterday.

23. He warned me… all the dangers I could meet on the way.

24.Mr Green suffered… fever and we tried to sooth him.

25/You couldn’t run… the storm, could you?

26.We suspected him… criminal actions.

27.I can’t get rid… this awful cough.

28. The room smelled… tobacco smoke the next morning.

29.The letter … the USA was awaited with great eagerness.

30.She gets tired… all her friends very quickly.

6/Fill in up, away, in, out, off, on, back, down, to

1.Ask Mr Smith to bring … my book.

2.It’s time for bed! Put your toys…

3.We watched the soldiers marching…

4.Put the dished… the table, please.

5.Send the letter… by the first mail, could you?

6.At night the dog ran…

7.The wall is too high, you can’t jump…

8. Turn the radio…, please. There is light music.

9.We couldn’t get… the room, it was locked.

10.I can’t clear… the situation.

11.Take that nasty porridge…. I won’t have any today.

12.Their tasks were carried… in a short period of time.

13.Don’t take the dog…, it’s too dirty, first clean its paws.

14.The child drank… the milk very quickly.

15. Throw the waste paper…, we don’t need it any more.

16.When he turned… he saw somebody following him.

17.Wind … the clock, they’ve stopped.

18.Try these shoes …

19.I dashed… to him to shook hands.

20.The village is far…, we should take a car.

21.Barrymore brought… the tray with their breakfast.

22.Look!The child is climbing… the tree. It’s dangerous.

23.Her letter was… on the table and I could easily find it.

24.The money has been already taken… the bank.

25.Try not to push…

26.I was late when I walked…

27.Everything in the room was upside…

28. He is counting his money…up.

29.Mother always washes… the dishes.

30.Hurry …!The train is leaving any moment.

7.Ask questions

1.The country’s climate is very hot. What kind…

2.Our neighbours bought the house last spring. Who…

3.The water in the bottle is bad. What…

4.The dog was taken to the vet yesterday. Where…

5.They got acquainted after they had met each other several times. When…

6.The competition took place in 2001. What…

7.Our house hasn’t been repaired since 1980. Since…

8.Penicillin was invented by A. Fleming. Who…

9.The first artificial sputnik was launched by Russia.

10.They are coming back home next Tuesday. Where…

11.The idea of tripping to the country belongs to Tom. Whom…

12. Books sold at the exhibition were written by our teacher. What…

13.Our father plays table tennis perfectly. How…

14.Large areas of forests are burnet each year. When…


Тренировочные упражнения по английскому языку для 10 класса

Check Yourself

1.Fill in the missing prepositions.

1.I will meet you there …1 p.m.

2.It will be finished… 10 minutes.

3.He has been reading there … 5 p.m.

4.The swallows gather and leave our area… autumn.

5.The family are all gathering again .. Christmas holidays.

6.I can not answer you… the moment but if you wait, I will let you know… a few minutes.

7.We have had no snow now … 3 weeks.

8. It has been the same old funny story ever… she was a little girl.

9. I have an appointment… Tuesday… 12.30

10.They still come to see me … time to time.

11. I wonder if she could get it done … tomorrow.

12. I called the police immedia tely, but… the time they arrived the burglar was far away.

13.The house should be built… next month.

14.Wait a moment! The boss should be here … a few minutes.

15. I have been in bed… the last week.

16.He has been living in this apartment… last month.

17.Everybody buys a new hat …Easter.

18.The woman may arrive… any time now.

19. She goes to visit her Granny… Saturday.

20.The lunch should be over…12 o’ clock.

21.This visa expires…October 21st.

22.They’ ve been living here…1960.

23….five years’ time she’ll be 23.

24.It always gets hot here … the afternoon.

25.He has been ill… the day that he arrived.

26. I expect his call… any moment.

27.If you can wait, he should be here… short time.

28.It’s nice to walk here… a fine summer day.

29.His father was away on a business trip… the day that he was born.

30.They are going to try to leave… daybreak.

2.Fill in between or among

1.Life …the Russians has been described by him in his book.

2.He was sitting… my two sisters when the telephone rang.

3.He divided the piece… his friends.

4.I can’t see any difference …these two pictures.

5.We spent our holidays…the mountains, south of Lare Bracchiano.

6.The shopboy gave him a pound of apples, but there was a bad one … them.

7.They hid …the trees at the bottom of the park.

8.I’ve invited Jack … others.

9.War…the two countries has just stopped.

10.They can never agree…themselves.

11.The family is always quarelling…themselves.

12.Cjnfidentially and… ourselves, I can’t stand her. She’s awful sometimes.

13.The river runs… the forest and the field.

14.He stood… his son and his daughter.

15.She lay there the charming flowers.

16.The author of the book is… the most celebrated ones.

17.The agreement… the two countries has been achieved at last.

18. The sun was shining… the clouds.

19.He walked across the park… the flowers.

20.If I were to choose… these two sorts, I’d choose the first one.

21.The village…the field and the river is just ours.

22.They found the boy… the boats on the bank of the river.

23. Our family is the best… the others.

24.The story is the best… the others.

25.He’s the cleverest person… his classmates.

26. The officer hit him right… the eyes.

27.The five Great Lakes lie… the USA and Canada.

28.There’s no agreement.. them, don’t exaggerate.

29.The temperature is … 10-13 degrees.

30.I can’t find anysing suspicious… the things lying on the floor.

3.Fill in to or at

1.His mother is quite blind… his faults.

2.She is very efficient… her work.


Тренировочные упражнения по английскому языку для 10 класса страница 4

15. We addressed them to find out Ann’s telephone number. Whom…

16.The weather was calm and sunny. What kind…

17.The pupils answered the questions very quickly and properly. How…

18.Children enjoy different rights according to the UN Convention. What…

19.Letters brought yesterday are in the living- room.Which…

20.The British Parliament consists of two Houses. How many…

21.There wasn’t anything in the fridge, but a carton of juice. Where…

22.The story about his adventures surprised us so much! What…

23.The professor was angry with his behavior and him to leave the hall. Who…

24.She couldn’t remember the poem and got a good mark. What…

25.Our friends were travelling in the north of England at this time. Where…

26.I will be having a driving test at this time tomorrow. Who…

27.The calendar has greatly changed since the ancient times. Since…

28.We attend classes regulary because it’s not allowed to miss them. Why…

29.The lectures are held every Monday. Hot often…

30.His car needs repairing very often. What…

8.Report the sentences

1.”Go home!” said my father.

2.”Don’t play in the street, it’s dangerous,”said his uncle.

3.”Make your beds quickly!”said the nurse.

4.”Go and buy something to eat,”said his mother.

5.”Change your clothes, Mike,”said his mother.

6. “Don’t let the dog into the room,”said Ruth.

7.”Clean the bath after you have taken the shower,” said Mary.

8. “Prepare your exercise-book,” said the teacher.

9. “Are you having your classes tomorrow?” asked Mum.

10. “Is it raining at the moment?” asked the man.

11. “Do you travel there every summer?” asked the guide.

12. “Does your friend count well?” asked the career adviser.

13. “Can you speak Italian?” wondered the woman.

14. “Have you ever seen a ghost?” asked the policeman.

15. “Did your father repair the fence?” said Nick.

16.”Were you able to visit them last Sunday?” asked the teacher.

17. “Was it snowing at this time last winter?” asked the weatherman.

18. “Have you paid for your ticket, sir?” asked the conductor.

19. “Have you heard from them recently?” asked the detective.

20. “ Where do you go on vacations?” said the aunt.

21. “How many times can you make the same mistakes?” asked the teacher.

22. “How much are these jeans, please?” asked the customer.

23. “Who has tald you about it?” asked my friend.

24. “What is the Russian for “Hello,” asked the stranger.

25. “How many times should I tell you to keep quiet?” said the professor.

26. “ Which book did you take yesterday? “ asked the boy.

27. “When did you visit our relatives?” asked my daughter.

28. “What have you done to clear it up?” asked my boss.

29. “Whose idea was it?” asked the man.

30. “Where else was this play on?” asked the clerk.

9.Report the statements

1. “We have English classes twice a week,” said the boy.

2. “The water in the river is dirty!” said the ecologist.

3. “They are working upstairs,” said Mum.

4. “She is planting roses in the backyard,” said the farmer.

5. “Our Christmas holidays are very long,” said the Briton.

6. “She was reading when her dad entered the room,” said the boy.


Тестовые задания по английскому языку (10 класс)

Form 10   Total: 70 points

  1. Fill in a/ an, the or '—  20 points

1. I won't give him. . . second chance. 2. You must have. . . rest from all your hard work. 3. He's been watching us all. . . time. 4. As. . . time went by we saw less and less of each other. 5. At. . . time I didn't notice it. 6. I'll have. . . quick wash before. . . dinner. 7. It only takes three hours by. . . air. 8. . . . music filled. . . night air. 9. It's. . . hard luck on him that he wasn't chosen. 10. Can you keep. . . secret? 11. . . . kids made. . . mess in. . . bathroom. 12. These figures are very out of. . . date. 13. I'm still looking for. . . work. 14. She stood in. . . doorway for. . . moment before going in. 15. You've got to forget. . . past and start living in. . . present. 16. We first met in 1982, no, I tell. . . lie, it was 1983. 17. They made me. . . offer I couldn't refuse. 18. I've read. . . whole book from. . . beginning to. . . end and still can't understand it. 19. It was. . . year Britain declared. . . war on Germany. 20. She has taken. . . dog for. . . walk.

II. Correct the mistakes and rewrite the text.  6 points

 1. Skiing is the sport I like better.

 2. I live in a small village and I can to ski every day in winter.

 3. Skiing is great fun to people which enjoy to be outdoors.

 4. Another good thing about skiing is that it help you relax.

 5. Being out in the fresh air makes you to forget your problems.

 6. Although skiing can sometimes be difficult, I think its an excellent way to practice.

III. Use the correct tense - forms of the verbs in brackets.  13 points

They_________________ 1. (build) some new cycle routes in the centre of Bradford recently and besides several speed limits 2.  (reduce) on several selected roads. The residents say they approve of all these innovations. Since the new speed limits 3.  (introduce), the number of accidents in the area 4. (fall) dramatically. Before they 5.  (mark) the routes, some consultations with groups representing city cyclists 6.  (arrange). Jane Bell, a keen cyclist who 7.  (work)  in the city centre said to us: "After the new routes 8.   (introduce)  I 9. (sell) my car and 10.  (buy) a bike. I 11.   (cycle) to work ever since. I suppose it's the best thing the council 12. (do) for cyclists and pedestrians in the time I 13.

 (live) here".

IV. Choose the right form to complete the sentences. 6 points

 1. John lost his keys. If John (didn’t lose / hadn’t lost) his keys, he would (get/ have got) in his flat easily.

 2. If Nick (is, was, were, had been) a wise man, he (would agree, would have agreed, agreed) then.

 3. Of the three books I like “Uncle Tom’s Cabin”(less/ least).

 4. She was crying in her room quietly then.

 She was crying then quietly in her room.

 She was crying quietly in her room then.

  1. Complete the sentences using the appropriate derivatives of the words in capitals.    5 points

 1. Have you ever tasted cheese - … crisps?   FLAVOUR

 2. Alice … , if ever , goes out.   RARE

 3. The Headmaster of the school was a white – haired, … gentle man.  DIGNITY

 4. Did he talk to you … or was he interested in your plan ? DIFFERENT

 5. The … and … children walked across the street. BARE

  1. Correct the grammar mistakes. One in each sentence.  5 points

 1. I love you so much! I wish we will be married!

 2. If he didn’t watch a football match last night, he wouldn’t be tired and sleepy now.

 3. It maybe a good story , though it’s not your best.

 4. I may visit my aunt in the hospital, I know she’ll be glad to see me.

 5. The Dutch live in Holland. They speak Hollandian.

  1. Translate the Russian words into English and write them down in the gaps provided.    5 points

 1. If Ann became a hairdresser, I (была бы) very happy.

 2. John can speak (по - китайски) but rather badly.

 3. (Ни один из домов ) in our street looks modern.

 4. The Prime Minister (должен посетить) our country in August.

 5. (Если бы не) grandpa’s hearing aid he would have no channel to the news.

  1. Use correct prepositions with verbs, adjectives and nouns. 10 points
  1. She not accustomed. . . such treatment. She deserves more respect.
  2. The living conditions are not adequate. . .  a growing family.
  3. In varied life, you have to adjust. . .  one another’s weaknesses.
  4. We would advise any girl. . .  an early marriage.
  5. Finally, they agreed. . .  the terms of the marriage contract.
  6. The amount. . .  energy wasted for nothing is amazing.
  7. When you disobey, parents are naturally annoyed. . . you.
  8. She was quite anxious. . . getting the first prize, and she got it.
  9. How can one approve. . .  such irresponsibility and lack of commitment?
  10. No doubt, too much television is bad. . . your moral health.

 Good luck!


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